40+ Singles and Dating

40 singles dating 40+ Singles and Dating

40+ Singles and Dating

Dating in Your 40’s… Never a Better Time?

We’re going on the record with this:

You will NEVER have more fun, satisfaction or success in finding a soul mate than you will while dating in your 40’s!

40 single dating 1 40+ Singles and DatingWe might be a bit biased saying that – after all, The Dallas Dating Company is one of America’s most trusted and successful hosted matchmaking services for men and women in their fabulous 40’s. But our bias comes from experience: our dating members in their 40’s are the ones that report back most frequently about the renewed joy, unexpected playful adventures, and transformational satisfaction of dating again in their 40’s.

Why it’s easier for you to find a fun companion (or true love!) now

It’s sometimes difficult to talk about yourself, so we’ll do it for you. If you’re here, it’s likely you are:

  • Well-educated and intellectually curious
  • Secure in your career and professionally comfortable
  • Looking for more than “hookups”
  • Ready to find a partner and share a deep, romantic connection

You might also be coming from a divorce, widowed or just eager to find that special partner who has been missing from your life – wherever you are coming from, you have a destination in mind and it’s a place filled with happiness, companionship and a shared commitment.

There’s a right time for everything, and your 40’s is that right time. There’s also a right place for everything, and The Dating Company is the right place for you to make that romantic connection you are searching for. (And if your kids are out of the house, it’s even better!)

40 single dating 2 40+ Singles and DatingWhy The Dallas Dating Company is for you

The Dallas Dating Company helps you get your feet wet in the modern dating world of online partnering and social media, without losing touch with the real world of thrilling days & nights out, candlelit dinners, and shared moments in the moonlight.

We’re not like other companies that are mostly geared toward a crowd with different interests – they typically have too narrow a focus, or maybe give off a bad vibe that makes you think, “Can I trust these guys???”

The Dallas Dating Company is made for you, and we have thousands of men and women here who are at the exact same place in their lives: in their 40’s, looking for companionship and love again, and excited to make it happen now.

Ready to be young and have fun again? Find someone to share good times and great adventures with? Find the amazing partner to start the family you finally have time for?

Good. We’re ready to help! (You only have to tell us about the fun you have if you want to…!)