6 Questions to Ask On a First Date

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It takes a lot of effort to make a relationship work, especially if it’s a new one.

We have to go through a lot of challenges when we’re trying to build a new relationship. From one-worded replies and all-too-painful conversations that feel more like job interviews than they do meeting and getting to know someone special and exciting.

This process can be very ‘unnatural’ as we often times get nervous and anxious. Our palms get sweaty, we’re overwhelmed by the pressure to keep the conversation from collapsing like the Hindenberg. And there’s a lot we want to say, a lot we want to ask, but often times we’re not sure what to say or ask, and before we know it, the energy evaporates and in many cases so does the date.

So, to avoid this from happening to you ever again, we offer up six surefire questions you can ‘Lose Yourself’ on your date and feel confident you’ll take advantage of your opportunity to make a great first impression, and more importantly, earn the chance to move forward with this new prospect.

Here are six questions we recommend you ask on your next first date:

  1. What’s your laughter therapy?

It may sound strange, but a good sense of humor is necessary. Think about the mental tortures your partner would’ve to go through because they don’t get your sense of humor.

Asking them about their laughter therapy would make you realize what cheers them up, and if they’re ever down, you will know how to make them smile.

  1. Do you have any life goals set? Are you working towards them?

Asking your partner about their goals and their progress wouldn’t offend them. Instead of asking this it would make them feel important as this will reflect your interest in what they intend to do.

With this question, the steady progress in the phase of converting reserved relationship to an intimate one will be successful!

  1. Tell me about your family?

Asking about their parents, father or mother’s job and many siblings would not only lay the foundation for a healthy conversation, but it would also put you in a positive light.

This will give you an idea of their childhood and their closeness with their family, and you’ll instantly learn things about them that you didn’t previously know.

  1. What kind of music do you like?

Asking your date this question will help you find out whether or not you share an appreciation for the same types of music which could end up impacting your future together both pro and or con. Dancing, concerts, time spent in the car together, or even cross over into more sensitive areas depending on how different and passionate one or both of you are about your musical preferences. On the other hand, if you find you share similar music tastes or collectively are open to each others artist and genres, you could create an everlasting bond built upon sharing each other’s faves.

On a lighter note, if you enjoy listening to their kind of music (even if it’s different from yours), you’ll have someone to trust the aux cord with!

  1. What was your favorite present ever?tarivector3 6 Questions to Ask On a First Date

This is an excellent question because it gives an insight into what kind of things your partner likes. If their birthday is close or around- even if it isn’t- it gives you an idea of what you could give them as a present without being too obvious.

  1. What’s a secret you never told anyone before?

Big or small, sharing secrets with someone brings you closer to them emotionally, spiritually and mentally! Ask some secrets, and you’ll lay out the foundation of an open, accepting and intimate relationship.

With these 6 questions to ask on a first date, you can predict the conversation to flow smoothly.