All Aboard Dallas Area Singles

The proverbial ‘last call’ has been issued, Dallas Area Singles. You have exactly two weeks to answer the call for what surely will be the DFW’s signature singles event for 2016. The Dallas Dating Company (one of twelve national sponsors) will be signing up eligible singles for the ‘2016 Singles Cruise Romantic Getaway’ until April 12th and after that, per Carnival Cruise Lines, no more guests allowed! Nope! Won’t matter who you know. Who The Dallas Dating Company Knows. Not even Mr. Carnival himself will be able to get you on the May 16th cruise out of Galveston according to the lead Event Travel Agent. I wouldn’t recommend the Stowaway route on a singles cruise either, with hygiene, wardrobe, and perhaps even a designated area to host a special someone for a possible romantic interlude all taking precedent. Then again, the aura of mystery and intrigue could be an advantage, hmm…but I digress. No, no need to worry about restless, cynical-eyed teenagers trying to hunt you down, or surges of fright rushing through your body when you order a drink for yourself, and they utter the dreaded words “may I see your Cruise I.D. Card” sir/ma’am?” You can avoid all of this stress and enjoy the company of dozens of other Dallas area singles cruisers along with singles from 11 other cities all set to sail May 16th, 2016 from Galveston to Cozumel for five fun-filled days aboard the Carnival Liberty.

The Dallas Dating Company as a sponsor will be offering promotional opportunities to join the fun in the days leading up but cabin space and room are limited. The Dallas Dating Company wants local singles looking for a nice getaway to call 972-332-5395 today to get more information and or to reserve your spot. The group which will be hosted by Layla Adams, in addition to other outgoing and friendly staff to make sure everyone has the best time possible which will include:

Updates via the official blog, social media, and e-mail

  • A live webinar a week beforehand to go over all pre-cruise details
  • An individual Facebook page so everyone can get to know each other pre-cruise
  • Staff with mobile phones to offer any assistance the night before, help with transportation, and embarkation day help.
  • A night one ‘meet-n-greet’ get-together
  • A ‘Sea’d Dating’ event – Our version of Speed Dating out at sea.
  • A special evening of dining and dancing
  • Group Excursions on land
  • A special ceremony and last night get-together, and much, much, more during the memorable five-day adventure.

Everyone will have a chance to meet someone, and be a part of a life-changing singles getaway.

Life is about moments and taking advantage of opportunities and here is both an opportunity and a chance to share some special moments. Simply call 972-332-5395 today and prepare to set sail on an adventure you’ll be happy you experienced for not only this spring or summer, but more than likely, the rest of your life.

I can’t wait to see you onboard. I know the timing could not be any better for this restless 40 plus single looking to take advantage of this well-timed opportunity.

And if you do decide to sneak onboard and go the stowaway route, I read somewhere that the lifeboats make for a great ‘open air’ experience with a killer view. Now, getting up to them might prove to be a bit of a challenge, but if you make it that far, I’m sure you’ll have no problem. Let me know if you need me to throw a few bagels your way and or a bar of soap.

For the rest of you, don’t miss the boat (pun intended) and call today. The rest of the group, and I welcome you and will be quite delighted to have you join us. See you’ soon!

The 40 Something Single Guy